Welcome to Toba-ichibangai

Welcome to

Toba-ichibangai is the largest shopping center in Toba city,
which is located by JR and Kintetsu Toba station, Toba bus center,
and the
municipal parking lot (offering parking discount ticket for our customer).
Inside the building you will find 17 specialized shops and restaurants
offering souvenir, pearls and Toba’s authentic foods.
Ise-Shima Barrier-free Tourism Information Center is also available.
We accept credit card payment.*We can provide our visitors with tourism information in English.



Restaurants in Toba-ichibangai offer various specialties with authentic foodstuffs
from Ise-Shima's fresh seafood such as Ise ebi (Japanese Spiny Lobster) .
We have Japanese restaurant, Western restaurant, noodle restaurant, café, and ice cream.
We accept credit card payment.

Sake At the restaurant,
you can enjoy local and rare Japanese sake
along with delicious meals.

PearlsFormal and Casual Jewelry

Japan. Tax-free Shop

There are 4 pearl stores with professional knowledge and skill in Toba-ichibangai.
You will find your gem among our abundant product lineup.
We accept credit card payment.


Japan. Tax-free Shop

We have a wide range of premium gifts of Ise-Shima which represent Japanese culture
exclusive in this area and loved by local people.
We accept credit card payment.


Toba-ichibantabi Concierge is our comprehensive information desk.
Resident concierges will provide visitors with various services.

Opening Hours

Regular hours
(March-November except August)
Monday-Friday: 9:30-17:30
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: 9:30-18:00
*Last order at restaurants: Closing time
Monday-Friday: 9:30-18:00
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: 9:30-18:30
*Last order at restaurants: Closing time
Winter hours
Monday-Friday: 9:30-17:00
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: 9:30-17:30
*Last order at restaurants: Closing time

Occasionally, we extend our business hours (during the year-end and New Year holidays,
and middle of August). For more details on our business hours,
please visit our Japanese website.

Floor guide

We accept the following
credit cards.
credit cards
Free wi-fi
Free Internet access available. Please ask Toba-ichibantabi Concierge for more information.
Guide dog
Guide dogs may accompany visitors inside the building.
The restaurant staff will let you know in case such access is declined for hygenic reasons.
Ise-Shima Barrier-free Tourism Information Center
Ise-Shima Barrier-free Tourism Information Center offers information on tourism Ise-Shima region
and barrier-free facility in hotels and the accommodations in the area for handicapped visitors
and elderly people.
ATM (Tobaichibangai 2nd floor)
Seven Bank ATM. You can withdraw Japanese yen from ATMs at Toba-ichibangai 2nd floor. sevenbank credit Some cards with these marks may not be accepted.



Access to Toba

Ise Grand Shrine to Toba
10 minutes by train (Kintetsu/JR)
20 minutes by car
Osaka/Kyoto to Toba
2 hours by train (Kintetsu)/car
Nagoya to Toba
1.5 hour by train (Kintetsu/JR)
1 hour and 50 minutes by car
Tokyo to Toba
3 hours and 30 minutes by train
(Shinkansen + Kintetsu/JR)
6 hours by car